Monday, 26 June 2017

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Good Afternoon,

As promised here is one of my sewing finishes ... I must say I am delighted with myself over how well this coat turned out!!



Gold lining


The 'skirt' 


This was a long project that I totally enjoyed!!  I will not lie ... it was a challenge but one I totally thrived from!!  I would defiantly do something like this again!!

Bye for now
Take care, Keep safe
Hugs Heather


Saturday, 17 June 2017

Catch up ...


I hope everyone is doing well 😍😍

I have spent the past few weeks designing and sewing a coat for the school! The year 7's are performing Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. It must admit it was alotof work but a whole heap if fun with amazing satisfaction when it was finished!! Needless to say that the teachers and children love it!! I cannot show photos yet! I will once the play is over.

I have also sewn a baby quilt. Mums friends first grandchild is due this week! Once the quilt has been passed on I can post photos.

The other evening we went to our schools summer fete! Great evening!

Getting ready to bounce

Lovely Ice-Cream
Last week it was Caras 7th birthday! She had a great day!

Great fun had by us all over the past few weeks! We only have 2 full school weeks left before the schools finish for the holidays!! Wow! This school year has flown by!

Have fun! Stay safe!
Hugs Heather


Monday, 22 May 2017

Round Robin and or exchanges

Hello there!

I am just wondering if anyone knows of any Cross Stitch or sewing Round Robins that are going on or even an exchange? I haven't joined one in soooo long!!


Just posting here on the off chance that someone might know of any!

Thank you
Love & hugs


Monday, 15 May 2017

Oh how time flies by ....

Good Evening Everyone :)

Oh wow! Such a while since I have posted an update! I have been very busy ... honest!!!

First of all I finished Katie's quilt. She is totally delighted :)

Front of quilt

Back of qult
Then during Easter Holidays the kiddies wete at their fathers for 6 days so I decided to decorate!!  Yes, decorate ... not sew or stitch!!!

I am amazed at the results!! Stunning!! Such a differnce to our home!

I even put up wallpaper lol

So much brighter & fresher

I love this room! 

Katie painting the bathroom!

Window in dining room

Bathroom window
with the sun on it

This house is over 4 floors! So once I started in the hallway I had to go right the way up!! It was hatd work but well worth it!!

I sort of got the bug for painting and ended up painting my bedroom window!! Then totally reorganised my room!!!

Sewing space

Meet 'Bod' my new
Sewing buddy lol
Bod looking handsome!
Well folks! I must go get myself organised as I have a request for a Joseph's Technicolor coat for the school play!! This should be fun!!

Bye for now
Love me


Monday, 20 March 2017

Quilting the Quilt with love!

Good Evening all,

I have been busy sewing away on a quilt for Katie!  She chose the fabric and design.  I just did the easy bit of sewing it together haha!  All I have left to do is to sew the edging on now.  It is looking fantastic 😁

2 Log Cabin Blocks

All 8 blocks to complete the front

The back of the quilt
I am totally delighted with the back.  I was going to use one solid piece of fabric but Katie decided to give me more of a challenge!!  I must say it is looking brilliant! 

No other news really!  Just a quick post tonight!  Poorly kiddies and cat plus lack of sleeps makes me boring hahaha!

Chat soon
Love and hugs


Saturday, 25 February 2017

I think I'm addicted ... More finishes!!

Good Evening everyone :D

Cara's topic at school at the moment is Houses and Homes, so I have made up a quilt block with a house on!  I shall make it into a hanger for her so she can take it into school on Monday!  

House Quilt Square 

This is a log cabin Quilt block!  I am being 'bossed' about by Katie as she now want a quilt made.  I just so happened to be watching a Melanie Ham video on You Tube when she came into my room! So of course she wants a Log Cabin Quilt.  This block was my practise!  

Log Cabin Quilt Square

This is a bag that I made as a belated present for Katie's friend!!  Katie made her some pompoms too! 

Bag for a gift &
Katie's pompoms
Thats all for now folks!

Have a great evening!

Love me


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Sewing Finishes :D YIPEEEEE #Quilting #FunStuff

Good Afternoon!

Hope everyone is well and crafting away!

Cara's quilt is finished and she is totally delighted with it 😍
I must admit it turned out quite well for my first try at a single bed sized quilt 😃😀

Rainbow Quilt

Happy Girl

Lovely colours! 

SEW ... I have cut out pieces for my next quilting project.  This one is a little more involved than sewing stripes haha!! I will do this in between other projects.  I also want to get back to cross stitching as I've many projects unfinished!  

All ready to sew

Layout of the main blocks
For a bit of fun ...  the kiddies bus driver playfully skitted me that sewing is a woman's job ... I sewed him a tool belt so he can now do man jobs!!  hahaha!!  I even made him model it 😁

I didn't have fabric with buses on, so trains it was ... well they have wheels and move!!  Not much of a difference really lol

Tool Belt

Bus driver modelling it!!
Have a great day all!!

Bye for now
Love me